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MS Office Courses

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Excel Essentials

Welcome to the Microsoft Excel Essentials Tutorial for Beginners. You will learn to use Excel to analyze numbers, keep track of data, and graphically represent your information. We will make your job easier by providing an easy to follow steps to help you turn your data into useable information – and better information leads to better decision making!

This course will have you up and running in under 2 hours. Excel has some very advanced features that have been made very simple in the newer versions. This course mainly focuses on Excel 2013 and newer versions, but if you have an earlier version, you will still be able to learn effective Formulas, Functions, and Analysis.

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Excel Advanced Managing and Visualizing

Excel Advanced: Managing & Auditing Your Data

This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of Excel Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Macros, and other functions to manage and visualize your data. The course will guide you through interactive, hands-on demos, and exercises every step of the way. As you participate in this course, you will be introduced to the wonders of creating simple Macros through the Macro Recorder. 

In today's increasingly data-driven world, analytics skills are in short supply and incredibly high demand, and those with the ability to transform data into insight are leading the charge.

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