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Keyboard Shortcuts

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

With 2014 just around the corner, I know most people could make 2014 much better by learning some simple Keyboard Shortcuts.

I've given tips for keyboard shortcuts before, but here are some easy to use keyboard functions which help make tasks that much quicker.

We've all heard of CTRL + X to Cut, CTRL + C to Copy, CTRL + V to Paste, but do you know about CTRL + Z and CTRL + Y? CTRL + Z will Undo the previous action and CTRL + Y will Redo the previous Undo.

When browsing an Internet page, not only can you use the Page Down to move down a page, but sometimes it might be easier to just press the Space Bar. That's right, you can move down an Internet page by simply pressing the Space Bar.

And, here's an old-school keyboard shortcut that came in handy when a friend's mouse died. To open up the File Menu, press ALT + F.

To review: CTRL + Y will Redo an Undo Space Bar will move a page down on an Internet page ALT + F will open the File Menu

I hope these keyboard shortcuts will help you in 2014 and hope that everyone has a Happy New Year!


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