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Here's to a Productive 2020!

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

One of the buzz words from the 2010's decade was "Emotional Intelligence." But, do you really have a good understanding of what it is and why it can help you become more productive?

Emotional intelligence is essentially a way of using your emotions to guide reasoning to facilitate greater levels of productivity. Emotional intelligence is also about understanding the emotions of others so that you are better able to comfort and persuade them. Therefore, emotional intelligence does not only affect your personal relationships with your loved ones, but also determines your ability to work in a team. This is why developing emotional intelligence is crucial for achieving success in your professional career to a great extent.

To enhance your emotional intelligence, you must have the power to control your reactions in situations when feelings run high. You must stay mentally sharp and avoid becoming a prey to provoking emotions by practicing self management. It is crucial for you to have the ability to remain calm and think clearly. This will help you fight against the urges to do something violent when you are taken over by anger. It’s all about not indulging in destructive behavior when the impulses of your body are encouraging you to throw and break things.

Whenever you experience such unpleasant emotions, you should take a moment to step back, take deep breaths, and calm yourself down. Remember your mom telling you to "count to 10" before you speak? It is never wise to react immediately as your reaction can often be triggered by emotions. Take a moment to recollect your thoughts and evaluate the situation logically and not emotionally. This can help you regain rationality as you realize you should be the one in control of your emotions and not vice versa.

Allowing yourself to get caught up in the heat of the moment will only make you indulge in aggressive behavior that you will be embarrassed of later on. This is when self-regulation can help you win against politics at work. For this reason, you must try to stay aware of your surroundings and think about the setting you are in before reacting. This can help you adjust your reaction and make it more appropriate according to the environment you are in. As a result, you will be able to express your emotions in a way that is calm, productive, and acceptable to the formal atmosphere around you. This will add to your credibility as an employee.

Many times, the aggressive tone you use to say things can start an argument even when what you’re saying is right. This is why you must monitor the way you speak in and be mindful of the words you choose in every situation. You don’t want to say something you don’t mean or something that crosses the boundaries of respect in the middle of an meeting simply to get back at someone. This will only fill you with regret later on as you realize your mistakes once you have calmed down.

Ultimately, true wisdom lies in understanding the power of your reactions and practicing self-control fully at all times. Be conscious of your body language and the words you use around others as it can have a huge impact on how you make other people feel. Remember you always have a choice to react to situations more maturely. You can always choose to be the bigger person and convey your point of view in a polite and calm manner to avoid escalating things in an argument. Managing emotional reactions efficiently is all about choosing to express your emotions more carefully to avoid offending and disrespecting others.

This just touches on using emotional intelligence to become more productive and successful.


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Here's to a Productive 2020!


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