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Does Time Management Really Work?

"I hate how useless time management guides are to me."

I saw a post with this quote and thought, "hmmm, what guides is this person reading?"

Or, is this person reading and not implementing the tactics taught in the guides?

For me, this resonates a bit because not only do I, probably like many of you, find myself crazy busy often (especially with everyone working and schooling from home these days), but get caught up in the moment and forget everything I've learned about Time Management.

It can be a chore when first learning techniques and strategies to save time in your day.

They say, "It takes 21 days to create a habit."

But they also say it can take the same amount of time to break a habit, but I say it can take just a few days to stop using the time management skills you put into place by reading one of these "useless time management guides..." or "courses..."

Time Management goes hand in hand with Motivation. If you are not motivated to get more time out of your day, then you will neglect the habits you learned and started using.

So, how do you ensure you continue to use time management techniques you've learned?

You have to see results quickly! Even if you slip, going back to remember the time management skills you learned and started using, you can get back into them and probably create that good habit in less than 21 days this time around.

I personally think that most people's motivation has to be that they will have more free time.

Everyone I know, every week, says, "Thank God it's Friday!"

- do you hear that too?

I'm thinking about starting a 21 day challenge around getting more free time by learning Time Management techniques using Outlook. Although the techniques I used can be used with other Email software like Gmail, but my focus is the software I use.

Are you up for the challenge?

Is there something else you'd like to learn, like how to get and stay motivated?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to email me with whatever it is that you need to get more of your free time back in your life.

Feel free to drop me an email and let me know!



If you're interested in learning more on Outlook, CLICK HERE to download my FREE Outlook Time Management Mini-course.


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